Pneumatic Halls

The solutions we offer are energy-efficient, reliable, easily installed, and perfectly suitable  for our Nordic conditions.

6 months a year your stadion is in a standstill - Lets make it live!

Textile façades

The textile façade is the most delicate part of the building, in particular due to the materials and colours used as well as its transparency.


ETFE foil cushions consists of alternating layers of ETFE film and air cavities. An inflation system pressurizes the foil cushions pre-stressing the film layers to carry loads.

About Us
  • Life span of Pneumatic Halls approx. 30+ years

  • Set it up in Autumn, take it down in Spring

  • We have professional and trained team

  • in case of technical difficulties our reaction time is 2-6h

  • Smart controls and monitoring systems

  • LED lighting 

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