ETFE System


ETFE film (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) is a transparent material which resists to weathering. It is normally used as a pneumatic structural system.

ETFE foil cushions consists of alternating layers of ETFE film and air cavities. An inflation system pressurizes the foil cushions pre-stressing the film layers to carry loads.

The ETFE cushion system is an extremely lightweight plastic offering considerable advantages over traditional cladding materials: they are self-cleaning, highly transparent, weathering resistant and due to their flexibility, extremely adaptable in terms of shape even if few limits are still present as to size. Incorporating ETFE into a building’s cladding results in a more efficient and low maintenance structure. Implemented in cladding for botanical gardens, zoo buildings, and swimming pools.


ETFE is currently finding its place as an effective alternative to glass in more traditional buildings and in roofing for courtyards, atria, shopping malls, transparent façades and swimming pools. It is possible to reduce the effects of solar radiations thanks to different kind of printings.